Extracted 100% from meat and bone into powders and concentrated liquids rich in nutrition, they are easily applied to processed food 

meat extracts

chicken extract

Whole chicken extract

Chicken brisket extract

Chicken thigh extract

Chicken bone extract

"Pho Ga" Extract

beef extract

Beef encrusted extract

Beef neck extract

Beef meat extract

Beef bone extract 

pork extract

Tenderloin extract

Thigh extract

Tail bone extract

Marrow bone extract

bone broths

chicken bone broth

beef bone broth

pork bone broth

fish bone broth

mushroom broth

vegetable broth

applications for processing

  • Seasoning
  • Instant noodle
  • Sausage
  • Hot pot spice
  • Marinating sauce
  • Dipping sauce
  • Soup powder
  • Snack
  • Fresh bread, etc.

Let Monova's extracts boost your natural flavors and increase the nutritional value of your products!