Vietnam has successfully coped with and controlled coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Moreover, Vietnam proactively opened the economy early and had activities to help restore the economy, in which the consumer demand fair is an activity of the industry and trade of Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh city.

The fair gathered more than 650 booths including representatives of businesses from more than 60 provinces and cities across the country, varied industries such as raw materials production, consumer food, essential products, and crafts.
As a producer and supplier of food ingredients in Vietnam, MONOVA understands our's role in the post-Covid_19 foods raw material supply chain. In addition to strengthening domestic production capacity, Monova also focuses on research solutions, technologies and products to help customers to accelerate production and business activities, create new products to soon stabilize and develop.

Therefore, MONOVA brought to the fair the products of natural extracts of animals (meat, seafood), plants (vegetables, tubers, fruits, seeds, stems, leaves) and others: sesame seeds, roasted sesame oil, perilla seeds, perilla oil. These products have more nutrition and health protection. The special feature of MONOVA is extracting medicinal ingredients with high medicinal properties such as ginseng, cordyceps mushroom, fresh turmeric essence, fresh ginger, combined with noni fruit to create solutions to help customers develop a variety of products for consumers.

We have met many enterprises, food processing units, processing units, information exchange, solutions and strong cooperation opportunities to reduce the dependence on imported raw materials, in order to most food production units prioritize increasing the proportion of domestically produced raw materials in order to stabilize production and indirectly stimulate domestic demand through raw materials purchased by MONOVA from farmers and domestic processing facilities.

We would like to thank the city leaders, Saigon Entrepreneurs club, customers, suppliers for visiting our booth and the press agencies for covering the event. We hope that this fair will be maintained every year and have more similar activities to create opportunities for businesses to meet, exchange and cooperate in many areas.

Photos at the fair: